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Who’s got the Best Carpet in Metro Detroit

Posted on: May 11th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

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Metro Detroiters want to know, “who has the best carpeting in Metro Detroit? The Carpet Guys say that’s hard to answer

With all the carpet and flooring companies around, it can be hard to find an answer. Each company is different, so it’s a little bit hard to compare one company to the next.

That’s where The Carpet Guys come in to save you from stress and anxiety. We are one of the best Metro Detroit carpet companies around, and we have the credentials to back it up.

What Makes The Carpet Guys Different?

For over nine years, The Carpet Guys have strived to provide customers with the absolute best customer service and craftsmanship available. It’s our mission and goal to help you get the carpet you want without all the stress and worry.

With The Carpet Guys, finding the best Metro Detroit carpet is easier than ever. This is achieved by the incredible services we offer including:

  • Expert workmanship and customer service
  • Varieties of samples for you to view
  • Easy and affordable carpet and flooring prices
  • Free in-home estimates seven days a week
  • Simple flooring financing plans
  • Next day installation on in-stock products
  • Much more!

These are only a few factors that separate us from the rest of the crowd. Just wait until you see the products.

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The Top Carpet Products in Metro Detroit

So, what is the best carpet in Metro Detroit? There are a few popular carpets for Michigan homeowners.

With so many different styles and types of carpet to choose from, plush carpet is one of the most popular. Metro Detroit can’t get enough of this stuff.

Plush is naturally soil and stain resistant, has a luxurious velvet-like feel, and is cozy and intimate. Dense, versatile, and cushiony underfoot, it’s perfect for any formal areas.  

Another popular choice is berber carpet. Great for basements, this stain and moisture resistant carpeting is also great for any part of the house. It has a contemporary feel, providing a nice smooth clean surface. It is durable, great for high traffic, has a wool-like appearance, and is soft underfoot.

The informal frieze carpeting is also trending in Metro Detroit. With its short twisted fibers, this “cut pile” class of carpeting is perfect for busy households. It is great for homeowners who are looking for textured carpeting for their busy lifestyle.

Great for high traffic areas, homes with kids and pets, and it adds flare to any room. Frieze is a natural insulator; retains heat, and prevents it from penetrating through the floor.

best carpet in metro detroit area

Carpet types and styles vary from home to home, so selecting a type that fits your personal preference and lifestyle is key.

Michigan has been blessed with four seasons, and most of the time Michiganders run cold. When having new flooring installed, more than half choose to carpet all or some parts of their home for extra warmth and comfort.

Get New Carpet Installation from Us!

Come on Metro Detroit, get some new carpet installed by The Carpet Guys today!! We want to make your home cozy and inviting!

Call and set up your free in-home carpet estimate appointment now!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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