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5 Tips on getting the Best Resale Value for your Home

Posted on: October 5th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

how to sell your own home

When it comes to selling a home for more than the appraised value, you have to evaluate anything and everything.

Even if you are limited in the amount of time and money that you can spend, you can still be successful on the real estate market.

This is a great time to be a seller and with a few improvements, you can reap the rewards. Here is a look at some things that you can improve around your home to increase its resale value.

Important Resale Value Tips to Help You Raise the Estimation of Your Home

Besides installing new flooring for the best resale value, there are quite a few other changes you can make to boost up the worth of your home.

If you couldn’t tell by now, we are not realtors. But, we do have some good friends who want to help you get the best resale value you can.

We interviewed a couple of them and picked their brains to see what their top five resale value tips are, and here’s what they had to say.

hiring a realtor to sell your home

Zach Taymore

Taymore & Associates Keller Williams Lakeside:

1. Spend an Hour with a Professional – No one else knows the value of your home better than a real estate consultant.
2. Paint your Rooms Lighter Colors– This makes the room appear to be larger and more spacious.
3. Make Small Updates – They shouldn’t cost a ton but make your home freshened up.
4. Declutter– Less is more! Remember, you are selling space! Don’t clutter it all up and make it appear to be smaller than what it is.
5. Keep your Curb Appeal Nice– Make sure you maintain your curb appeal as this is the first impression the buyer has before walking into your home

real estate tips

Lindsay Williams

Coldwell Banker Professionals

1. Landscaping– A potential buyer will decide in the first 7 seconds if they would buy the home or not. First impressions are key.
2. Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness!!!! – A dirty home will sit on the market.
3. Floors –  A home with new floors will always sell over a home that has older or outdated floors. If its original hardwood, make sure it’s polished.
4. Space – Clutter is a sales killer. All the furniture should be pushed close to the walls and as much stuff hidden as possible. If a buyer can’t visualize the couch they love so much fitting in the space, they’ll pass.
5. Regular Maintenance – I cannot stress enough how important home maintenance is. Service records, receipts, regular cleanings. Buyers will overlook a problem is it has been fixed and a well-kept home that is outdated in style will always sell over a house that looks great but hasn’t been kept up in years.

home resale value tips

Craig Rhoton

Keller Williams Northville / Novi

1. Updating the Kitchen – The kitchen is the primary focal point in today’s family. Buyers look for an updated kitchen for not only dining but for socializing in as well. An updated kitchen can bring extra value to your home. Even if you are on a strict budget, some basic updating can go a long way.
2. Updating the Bathrooms – Particularly the master bathroom. As the second most focal point of a property, buyers look for updated bathrooms. A renewed bathroom shows style and function which means value.
3. Updating Outdated Fixtures and Hardware –  It’s a simple fix. Updating lighting fixtures can really add accents to a room. Gold is out, satin metal is in. Same goes for knobs and handles. It may not increase value but a little upgrading can do wonders, especially if on a strict budget.
4. Paint and Flooring – Simple “trendy” but subtle colors for painting go a long way as does replacing old worn out flooring. Don’t spend a lot on these items, however, because these are the first two items buyers do after they purchase.
5. Using a Full-time Professional Realtor – Make sure when selling your home, you want to use a full-time professional Realtor. When interviewing for your agent, ask questions. What experience does that agent have? What am I getting as far as marketing and advertising my home? Hiring a full-time professional agent who can interpret local market conditions can get you top dollar and best resale value.

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