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Five Ways Using Vinegar around the House will Simplify Your Life

Posted on: March 12th, 2018 by The Carpet Guys

how to use vinegar to clean

Vinegar has so many practical uses we could not possibly fit them all into one post even if we tried to. From erasing stains left behind by a ballpoint pen to cleaning the grout in between your bathroom’s ceramic tile, vinegar is a must-have in every homeowner’s pantry. Here’s a list of five ways using vinegar around the house will simplify your life.

Cleaning Your Coffeemaker

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2017 Coffee Drinking Trends report, sixty-two percent of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. You probably don’t give much thought to your coffeemaker unless it malfunctions, but do you honestly remember when the last time was that you gave your coffeemaker’s innards a thorough cleaning?

Lime and hard water deposits can lead to a funky cup of coffee, so it is essential to give your coffeemaker a good cleaning once every 40-50 pots. Mix two cups of white vinegar with one cup of water, place a clean filter in your coffeemaker and then run a full brew cycle. Repeat that process three times, and then brew two cycles of clean water. After you clean your coffeemaker, mix equal parts vinegar and salt in the decanter, swirl it around for two minutes, and then use a clean sponge to remove the grime from the pot.

using vinegar to clean

Remove Mineral Deposits from Your Showerhead

Fill a large Ziploc bag halfway with white vinegar, place the bag over your showerhead, and then use painter’s tape to hold the bag in place overnight. When you remove the bag the following morning, all the jets on your showerhead should be free of mineral deposits.

Deodorize Your Dishwasher

If you smell something foul inside your dishwasher, add three cups of vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher when it is empty, and then run the dishwasher on its standard setting. Your dishwasher will be odor-free in under an hour.

Remove Water-rings from Woodwork

If your end tables show signs of your guests not using coasters, you can make those water-rings disappear by mixing one pint of water with four tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil and applying the mixture to your furniture. Wait ten minutes, and then use another clean cloth to buff the stains away.

what can you clean with vinegar

Remove Rust from Hand Tools

Ask any DIYer how much money they’ve spent on their tools and you will understand why nobody wants to see rust forming on wrenches. You can remove rust from your hand-tools by filling a shallow plastic container with white vinegar and leaving it in a well-ventilated space overnight (preferably outdoors, away from the elements). When you return to your tools the following morning, wipe them down with a clean rag, and they will be rust-free.


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