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Creative Renovations: Interior Design Dreams made a Reality

Posted on: February 8th, 2018 by The Carpet Guys

creative renovation interior design

Have you heard about our friends at Creative Renovations?

Creative Renovations is a turnkey interior design, project management, remodeling, and building company, specializing in making dreams come true before your eyes.

kitchen redesignThey offer start-to-finish solutions for every project in both interior and exterior renovations including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Universal Design
  • Home additions,
  • Garages
  • Basements.

The personal project spreadsheets, accurate timelines, and outstanding customer satisfaction reviews are how Creative Renovations built a successful organization.

Particular attention is paid to the details and cost of every project in order to deliver the level of quality that our clients expect and deserve. Your project is managed to control timing and cost, and you will receive all of the product discounts that are available.

remodeling a bathroomKitchens

Creative Renovations has designed and created many wonderful and versatile kitchens for our clients. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of designing a kitchen to maximize space and storage are just a few of the many attributes from which you’ll benefit. They can greatly improve the condition and design of current kitchens by utilizing the latest in modern cabinetry and reconfiguring the space with features that provide improved access to everything that you need in the kitchen.

Many older kitchens were not always as functional as they could have been when originally designed. They were not designed for family activities that are often a requirement for the families of today.

An updated kitchen can recoup as much as a 75% return on your investment according to Remodeling Magazine.


Often, the room that is overlooked in many homes is the bathroom. Perhaps it is too small, has poor or outdated fixtures and cabinetry, or the plumbing has become inadequate. Creative Renovations has solved that problem for clients by either enlarging if needed, or reconfiguring the space and adding up to date everything in the bathroom to create a more comfortable and usable space.

An updated bathroom is an excellent investment and adds value to your home, and over 60% of your investment can be recouped. (Remodeling Magazine, Cost vs. Value Report)

Universal Design (Age in Place)

how to design a new kitchenThe term Universal Design or Accessible Design is a design process that addresses the needs of people that want to remodel their home in order to create an environment that will allow them to stay in there home as they grow older. Areas of the home can be more accessible and yet have design elements that are visually beautiful. Slightly wider doorways or hallways, less rise in steps, easier accessible elements in the kitchen or bathrooms are but a few areas that can be improved to provide an overall better and more comfortable life for some families.

Everyone benefits from Universal Design, as this process takes into account the full range of human diversities-including physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities as well as different body sizes and shapes.

By designing for this diversity we can create homes that are more functional and more user-friendly for everyone.

Creative Renovation’s mission is to assist you in building an environment in your home or place of business that will provide beauty, comfort, functionally and fulfillment. Their team provides creative designs that can be implemented and completed in a single operation or in phases over time.

To see more about their work and professionalism visit them here:


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