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Can New Carpet actually Affect my Pregnancy?

Posted on: September 25th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

voc exposure pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any mother. However, soon to be mothers are often afraid of the innumerable rumors that replacing carpet while pregnant is hazardous to their pregnancy.

Reading false information about this online can turn any mother’s excitement for new carpet into a nightmare because the information depicts everything as dangerous.

Installing new carpet during pregnancy is SAFE, as long as it’s handled the right way.

How to have Carpet Installed while Pregnant

New carpet has been installed for decades, and so far, no epidemics dealing with pregnancy have been reported. In fact, it is better to install new carpets during pregnancy, so that after birth, your baby finds the carpet already installed without any issues online sites will mention.

new carpet and pregnancy

There are several tips that any pregnant mother looking to carpet their home should consider including:

  • Check the carpet standard – Carpet manufacturing standards have evolved immensely over time. The standards of quality are currently higher than they were in the past. However, it would be prudent to verify the quality of carpet you plan to purchase. You should also consider which material works best for you. However, you do not need to be overly concerned. Reports indicate that carpet emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are below recommended levels; meaning that carpets are safe.
  • Get a professional installer  Get a professional installer for your new carpet. Contracting professional installers can increase the chances of guaranteeing safety. Good flooring specialists always encourage adherence to minimum safety standards.
  • Ensure the house is well ventilated during installation – Adequate ventilation is essential during the installation process. New carpet has minimal VOCs; which typically settle down after 72 hours. Open all the windows and entrances to the room, during and after installation, to ensure air flows freely through the house.
  • Wait for a few days after installation  It is safer to be away from the room during carpet installation. Additionally, after the carpet installation, wait for a few days to ensure maximum safety. As long as you allow ample ventilation, your home should be safe for you and the baby. You can safely sleep in a newly carpeted room a few days after new carpet installation.
  • Vacuum the new carpet often – It is vital to vacuum the new carpet often to ensure it stays clean. However, you have to do it cautiously to ensure the carpet remains intact. New carpet tends to have loose fibers, but this is normal and can be easily mitigated through regular vacuuming. Apart from cleaning, vacuuming keeps the carpet in good condition.

Essentially, laying new carpet is safe. You should not be afraid to install new carpet if you follow the tips discussed.

Let The Carpet Guys help Protect your Little Ones!

Here at The Carpet Guys, the family is everything. With that in mind, we focus on installing carpeting that is healthy for your family, whether they’ve been born on not.

We provide homeowners carpet with eco-friendly properties, meaning it’s not only good for your health but the environment as well.

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is new carpet safe for babies?

Don’t let the fear all the online articles have fed you keep you from getting the carpeting you want most. We will help keep you and your little one safe with our carpeting.

We look forward to servicing you soon.


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