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Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

The amount of health benefits that air duct cleaning can provide for a home is incredible. It's hard to get a perfect idea of how dirty your air ducts and ventilation system are, luckily we have the proper eqipment to show you in real-time on a video screen. Air duct cleaning is an additional step you can take to create a more healthy home.

If your air vents are not properly cleaned, all kinds of unhealthy issues can occur in your home. When air ducts get coated with spider webs, dust and other debris, this dirty air gets pushed through the ventilation and circulates in your home. These particles will not only pollute the air a family breathes, but it also covers the carpet and without a proper cleaning it can become a source of allergy problems.

Professional air duct cleaning is a great way to keep your family happy and healthy with no additional effort for them!

Why Get Air Ducts Cleaned?

Have you ever looked past your air vents, right down into your air ducts? Can you imagine when the last time those filthy tubes have been vaccumed out? Professional air vent cleaning can protect you from many allergy problems and household issues such as...

  • Nasty odors from build up of mold and mildew
  • Harmful bacteria from dead rodents and insects
  • Home damage from clogged vents due to build up of dust and other debris

When a visual inspection occurs and your air vents meet any criteria listed above, it is definitely time to get air duct cleaning. Incorrect filtration can be the cause of many ventilation problems, after the cleaning takes place check to see if the filters being used are the correct match or some cheap disposable ones.

Remember Those Dryer Vents

It is common to overlook these little vents, but the importance of checking them is huge. Not only does having clean dryer vents promote a healthier way of living, it also protects your home from a lot of problems such as:

  • Allergy issues
  • House fires
  • Clogging of dust
  • High energy consumption

We want our customers to be aware what a safe, happy, and healthy living space entails.

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