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Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Floors in Your Home


Does it seem like you are always cleaning your existing floors? Are you forever worried about scratches, stains or splinters? You may want to consider having vinyl flooring installed.

Vinyl flooring offers more comfort underfoot than laminate, hardwood or ceramic tile floors. On top of that, vinyl plank flooring does not require immediate attention to spills, and most importantly, provides a luxurious look to any room.

What is Vinyl Flooring? Why Install it?


Vinyl floors are made of a durable synthetic material that looks and feels great. The surface and core is made of soft finish that comes in a variety of styles.

Vinyl is an affordable option for active households with busy families, and today's vinyl options provide the appearance of natural materials, without the expensive prices or potential drawbacks that come with laminate, hardwood or ceramic tile. For the money, the vinyl flooring installation cost offers a lasting comfort, beauty and performance for years to come.

Vinyl Flooring Breakdown

Vinyl Flooring Colors


Selecting the colors for your new vinyl flooring is exciting! As a manufactured product, there are many colors available, but the popular choices are listed below.

When choosing the perfect color it's helpful to see the vinyl samples under your room's natural lighting, in the home. That is why we offer free in-home estimates with measures included at zero cost. Work with our design consultants to identify what vinyl products would work best in your space.

Cool Sands Vinyl floors
Cool Sands
Harvest Teak Vinyl Flooring
Harvest Teak
Notre Dame Vinyl flooring
Notre Dame
Ristretto Vinyl flooring

Choose the Right Room(s) for Vinyl

One of the greatest benefits of vinyl flooring is the range of rooms that it can be installed in effectively, and affordably. Basic waterproofing provides peace of mind around sinks, dishwashers, and other sources of moisture.
  • Kitchen Vinyl Floors
  • Basement Flooring
  • Bedroom Vinyl Flooring
  • Dining Room Vinyl Floor
  • Family Room Vinyls
  • Office Vinyl Flooring
The Carpet Guys can install vinyl floors with styles from natural-looking stone, slate, or even wood in your home at a reasonable and affordable price.
Brands We Carry
We stock the best vinyl flooring brands from the major manufacturers such as Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, and The Carpet Guys Private Label.
Shaw Hardwood flooring
Mohawk Hardwood flooring
Coretec Vinyl flooring
Happy Feet
Vinyl Installed by The Carpet Guys

Vinyl is easier to keep clean than any flooring product on the market, it performs well in moisture-rich environments like kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, laundry rooms and basements.

If your existing flooring is past its prime and you want to bring a bold, beautiful new look into your home, consider looking at the wide selection of vinyl flooring samples available from The Carpet Guys. Call us today, or take a few seconds to fill out the "FREE ESTIMATE" section to schedule an appointment.

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