What do Carpet Warranties have to do with my Installation?

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by The Carpet Guys

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Carpet warranties come with many questions.

What does a carpet warranty cover? What does it do for my project?

If you’ve got your own questions about the average carpet warranty, we’ve got answers for you.

What Does a Standard Carpet Warranty Cover?

Carpet warranties are put in place to reassure the consumer that their brand new carpet will perform well and last long. Warranties change from company to company, though, so it’s important to look over your guarantees carefully.

Warranties are also put in place to help with any complaints the consumer may have. It will differentiate between an issue that is the manufacturer’s fault of the homeowner’s.

The most common carpet warranty you’ll come across is the “wear warranty”. The problem with this is the definition of wear to the consumer may be different that what the manufacturer considers wear.

Simply put, wear is used to reassure the consumer their carpeting won’t ugly out quickly. You’ll typically see a five or ten-year wear carpet warranty on many products today.

You may also run into warranties that pertain to carpet crushing and matting. This is when the fibers of the carpet get pushed down by heavy furniture or foot traffic. Make sure you review these warranties carefully, however, because they may not be absolute warranties.

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Carpet and flooring warranties will also change from product to product.

For example, a lot of the products we stock come with manufacturer warranties like:

  • Stain resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Pet resistance
  • Abrasive wear

The amount of years the warranty is valid for will change depending on the product itself. These warranties don’t include the extra warranties the carpet and flooring installation company may provide.

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