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What’s the Difference between a Square Foot and a Linear?

Posted on: September 4th, 2018 by Derek Farnquist

what is a linear foot of carpet

Measuring out the correct square or linear footage of flooring you need can be a meticulous job to complete. A common factor that seems to confuse homeowners when they try to measure out their own floor is the difference between square feet and linear feet.

Luckily, your local flooring experts at The Carpet Guys are here to clear up any confusion.

The Difference between Linear Feet and Square Feet

A linear, or linear feet, refers to length. Square feet refers to the measurement of area, so its understandable as to how this could get confusing.

Most prices on flooring products are quoted in square feet. Trim and dimensioned¬†lumber are the items sold by linear measurements. Carpet can be sold by linear feet, but you’d need to understand the mathematics required the get the correct square footage you’d need.

How to Measure Linear Feet

Linear feet describe straight lines, meaning the measurement is one-dimensional. Let’s say you’re trying to find the length of your bedroom wall. You’d measure from one corner of the room to another, at that would tell you the length. You’ll also use this measurement if you’re trying to find out how much trim you would need for a window.

How to Measure Square Feet

Since this is a two-dimensional measurement, it’ll take two different measurements to get the correct calculation. These measurements are obviously done in feet, hence square feet measuring.

Let’s say you have a room that is twelve linear feet by eight linear feet. The square footage of that room would be 96 square feet.

Not everyone is good at math, so measuring your room for new flooring on your own can be difficult. Even with a square foot calculator, it still may not be easy. That’s why we do it for you

Free Measurements from the Pros

When you book a free flooring estimate with The Carpet Guys, your rooms are measured at no cost to you. Why bother going through all the work and mathematics when someone can do it for you?

Your time is valuable, and you have other things you could spend it on, so let us get the measuring done for you. Book your free flooring estimate today and get the measurements out of the way.


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