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Is There a Best Time to Install Hardwood Flooring?

Posted on: May 18th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

install time for hardwood floors

Even though hardwood flooring can be installed any time of the year, it’s usually best to do so in early Fall.

Fall is the best time because it’s cooler out and there’s less moisture in the air, which can be detrimental to new wood floors.

Fall will get the best performance out of your hardwood flooring, and here’s why.

Hardwood Flooring and the Fall Climate

Hardwood floors need to acclimate to their surrounding climate prior to installation. That’s why natural wood floor planks typically sit at the site for a few days before being installed. This prevents the boards from damaging during and after installation such as:

  • Cupping
  • Cracking
  • Warping

So, why should you avoid hardwood floor installation during the Summer and Winter months? Summer tends to run hot and humid, while Winter runs cold and dry.

In the Summer, hardwood, being porous, will absorb too much moisture that will cause it to swell. Winters are dry and, hence, cause the boards to shrink. Improper acclimation of hardwood will cause cupping, where boards start to pull apart.

If you want your hardwood floors at peak performance, installing them in the Fall will be your best bet. But don’t that scare you from getting hardwood at any other time. With the right hardwood flooring installers at your side, your floors will perform great at any time.

different types of hardwood flooring

Flooring Improvements and Renovations Done Right

Having improvements done on your home is always a positive investment. In the long run, these things only add monetary value to your home’s resale. But, home improvements and renovations can be unpredicted and required any time of the year.

Don’t be discouraged if you had your heart set on having hardwood installed this Summer. The Carpet Guys’ trained installers can do any hardwood job at any time! We guide our customers to properly prepare their home for every type of installation.

We want homeowners to get the floors of their dreams any time they want them! We are very familiar with the many types of hardwoods and know how to prepare the job site for installation. Don’t settle for just anyone to do the job.

time to install hardwood floors

Don’t settle for just anyone to handle your project. The Carpet Guys are experts when it comes to taking on such major tasks. Give us the responsibility of installing your hardwood floors, whenever!

Give us the responsibility of installing your floors with a free hardwood floor estimate today!   


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