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Our price for hardwood floors includes the cost of installation, materials and a lifetime warranty. Many online hardwood flooring retailers show low prices for their hardwood flooring products but often times the price does not include the cost of materials or time needed to install the hardwood floors. Learn how to estimate the true cost of hardwood including waste factors.

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Is Hardwood the Type of Flooring for Your Home?

Hardwood flooring is a timeless and classic choice for any home that adds a sense of luxury and sophistication. While hardwood flooring is more expensive than many other flooring options, it is an investment that can last for many years. Hardwood floors are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance flooring option.

Hardwood Pricing With Options

Anyone searching for the ideal balance of beauty, robustness, and affordability should consider hardwood flooring. Its warm colors and natural grain give any area a classic appearance while offering better resistance to dents, scratches, and stains. Furthermore, hardwood flooring can be found in a range of hues, textures, and polishes to match any décor. Additionally, hardwood flooring can last for decades and never need to be changed with the proper installation and upkeep. Hardwood also has a variety of price points across multiple manufacturers. Check out the variety of room sizes and providers in the table in this section.

Prices for Hardwood

Our inventory is full of the newest colors and designs of hardwood flooring from the best suppliers. You can select from the items that we currently have in stock and have it put in the following day. Check out the cost of our hardwood flooring.

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$2.89/SQ FT.
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