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What are the Best Flooring Options for Stairs?

Posted on: July 31st, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

popular flooring options for stairs

Picking out the best flooring for stairs can be a little tricky.

Since there are a few different options, you’ve got to pick the best choice that fits your lifestyle.

Here a couple options and what to consider before you make a final decision.

Flooring Options for Stairs

One of the many decisions that a homeowner needs to make while building or renovating a home is what type of flooring should be used for the stairs. Factors that help determine the materials include:

  • How much traffic the stairs get
  • How much the flooring materials cost
  • Safety
  • Aesthetic appeal


Experts believe that installing new carpet is the safest type of the flooring options for stairs. Carpet comes in a wealth of colors and patterns. It’s woven of materials such as nylon, wool, wool blend or polyester.

If a homeowner doesn’t want the expense of carpeting the entire staircase, they can install a carpet runner. A runner not only adds traction but can be color coordinated with the material beneath it and even with other areas of the house.

carpet options for stairs


hardwood floor stairsHardwood products make a beautiful idea for stair flooring.

Hardwood is the wood of deciduous trees such as maple, oak, and birch. Hardwood isn’t necessarily harder than softwood such as pine or spruce, but tends to be denser. It’s unsurpassed when it comes to elegant beauty.

A high-quality hardwood installation on a staircase can last as long as the house and is easy to clean. The one caveat is that hardwood is slippery when it’s wet and slippery to walk on in stockinged feet. Softwoods are also excellent to use as stair flooring.


Laminates are made of materials pressure glued together. Nowadays, laminate can be made to mimic many other materials including wood and tile. It’s inexpensive and can be installed over a staircase easily.

You can find quality laminate flooring and installation for an affordable price. This makes it more desirable than natural hardwood since it costs much more than laminate.


People are surprised to learn that glass is a perfectly acceptable material for stairs. Of course, the glass that makes up stair treads is tempered, which means it’s made in a way to make it tough and shatterproof.

Glass staircases give a home an airy sort of beauty, and ones with open risers can seem to float. It’s also reflective and adds brightness to the area.

Glass comes in a rainbow of colors and glass tiles can be arranged in patterns for added interest.

glass stairs


Stone such as marble or granite can give a staircase a spectacular, luxurious look. However, stone is heavy and hard and can be expensive.

Most stone needs to be sealed every two years or so to protect it from spills and stains. It’s best to use stone stairs with a runner in a complementary color.

A homeowner shouldn’t be scared of mixing materials. For example, a hardwood tread with a riser made of ceramic tile or stone can be very aesthetically pleasing.

interior stone stairs

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When it comes to flooring options for stairs, carpet, hardwood, and laminate are our specialty. We guarantee that your stairs will look amazing when we finish your project.

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