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What is Frieze carpet?

The fibers of frieze carpet are tightly twisted into tufts. Most of the fibers are twisted about three to five twists per inch. This design is achieved by hot steam, where the yarn is forced out of a stuffer box, giving Frieze a noticeable curled effect.

Frieze carpeting offers a flair and personality that no other carpet can give, unlike the common textured and trackless carpet styles. It has it's own personality, and it can decorate any room with a quality and casual feel. Frieze carpet has been popular for about the last twenty years, and remains one of the most purchased styles today.

Choosing the best Frieze carpet.

Finding the best frieze carpet for your situation ensures you will get the texture, look and feel you want. If you shop for frieze carpet at home depot, Lowe's or any other big box store, it is important to keep in mind that the pricing does not include,removal of your old carpet, installation of the new carpet or padding. With nylon frieze carpet prices in the mid level range, (whether it's Shaw, Mohawk or Dreamweaver frieze carpet), you want to be sure you include any overage and waste factors to get an accurate price for carpet in your space.

Home performances of frieze carpeting

The benefits frieze carpet offers is preferred by many home owners.

  • One of the primary reasons frieze is in high demand is because it is great at hiding footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. This keeps the carpet looking fresh, and the traffic it experiences does not ruin the quality of the carpet.
  • If it is a darker color carpet, stains and accidents from children and animals are hidden as well. All of the stains that come from messy kids (mothers out there know what we mean) will not be seen by visitors.
  • One of the best aspects of frieze is that it is a very hard wearing carpet. This makes it much more durable in areas of the home that experiences high traffic. For rooms like the living room and bedrooms, this is a perfect fit for flooring.
  • Maintenance is pretty simple for Frieze. If it is properly taken care of and maintained regularly, it can have a long lasting life past fifteen years.

If you are considering the option of having frieze carpet installed, you are going to need a professional carpet installation to get the best out of it. For all of your carpet installation needs, The Carpet Guys are here to serve. With the the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years of being in the flooring industry, we are confident that your carpet installation will be of the highest expertise.

Take the time to schedule a free in-home estimate by either phone or our website to get started on getting new frieze carpet installed in your home today. The benefits frieze has to offer can be yours for the taking. A new casual comfort for your home is only a click away.

3 Styles of frieze Available
Mandalay I
Mandalay I by Mannington Mills
7 Colors Available
Presidential by Phenix
9 Colors Available
Mandalay II
Mandalay II by Mannington Mills
7 Colors Available
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