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How Long does it Take to Install Hardwood Floors?

Posted on: August 7th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

how long does hardwood installation take

Explaining how much hardwood flooring can be installed in a day can be a little tricky because every project is different.

Depending on how large the project is and the hardwood flooring you choose, installation time can vary.

To help you get an idea of a time frame, we’ll break it down for you.

The time it takes to install hardwood floors can be altered by the following factors:

  • Estimate time
  • Order processing
  • Acclimation time
  • Installation time
  • Installer experience

Hardwood flooring can’t be stocked in a warehouse, so those products have to be ordered from the manufacturer. On top of that, hardwood flooring acclimation also takes time.

Average Time to Install Unfinished Hardwood Floors

how long to install prefinished hardwood floorsThe time it takes to install unfinished hardwood floors can vary from project to project. A standard time frame to expect your flooring to arrive after ordering is about 4 days. If there are any custom manufacturing features required, it can take a few days longer. Special orders always take longer to receive than standard orders.

Before you can install hardwood flooring, the acclimation process that has to happen once the hardwood arrives at the installation site. Hardwood is sensitive to moisture in any given climate. So, once the hardwood is received, it needs to sit and adjust to local temperatures and humidity levels.

The hardwood may expand or contract depending on the climate, so allow at least 3-5 days for this acclimation stage. Install time varies depending on the type of wood used to make your hardwood as well.

After the flooring is installed, it will need to be finished. This can take several days for drying, so allow this drying time when creating your schedule and timeline. Always be sure the wood finish is dry before starting to walk on or place furniture on the flooring. For approximately 1,000 square feet, the entire process will likely take about 9-11 days total.

Average Time to Install Pre-finished Wood Flooring

Pre-finished wood flooring takes a little more time up front in ordering since the flooring has to be finished prior to shipping. But the up side to pre-finished hardwood flooring is there’s no drying time after the install.

Once received, installation can take about 5 days to acclimate and to lay the flooring down. Remember to allow time in the schedule for any special cutting and fitting requirements. This can greatly impact the installation schedule. Custom cutting around curved walls or fireplaces can take a bit of time.

So, for the same 1,000 square feet of area, the install using pre-finished wood might take a total of 7-9 days.

how long does it take to install a floating hardwood floor

In both scenarios, the existing flooring will likely need to be ripped up, unless it’s being installed in a new construction. This can normally be done the same day of the installation and not extend your time line by more than a few hours. However, in some cases, if flooring over concrete needs to be ripped up, you may want to schedule a day for removal. The moving of heavy furniture needs to be accounted for as well.

One of the most common delays to arise when installing hardwood floors is when you realize transition pieces are needed between different types of flooring. When ordering transition pieces, you’ll need to make sure they match your hardwood floors perfectly. Once received, you will have to cut the transition pieces to fit the same height as your flooring. Take care to make the pieces even to prevent possible tripping.

In most cases, a proper install, even with the delays listed, will usually take under two weeks for 1,000 square feet. You can expect an excellent hardwood floor installation in this time frame.

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