Carpet Waste & Protecting the Environment

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by The Carpet Guys
Carpet Waste

5 billion pounds of old carpet waste build up in the landfill each year! Yes, 5 billion! That is too much! Here at The Carpet Guy’s we love to do our part in making the earth a cleaner, healthier, better place to live. We recycle the old carpet and carpet padding! 

At The Carpet Guy’s we prepare the old carpet and carpet padding for recycle here in the warehouse. See how we handle carpet waste process here! Each week we are able to recycle 5 tons of carpet! We truly take pride in doing our part. 

The Carpet Guys don’t just recycle carpet waste, we offer top of the line recycled products that reproduce recycled goods into beautiful product. The Carpet Guy’s do not stop there. We wanted to be able to offer better, cleaner options for our customers as well. It would take hundreds of years for other fibers to decompose. At The Carpet Guys, we offer American made polyester carpet that can be recycled and reused. It feels great knowing that carpet that is in your home is also good for the environment. Lastly, the carpet padding we provide with our installations is also recyclable! 

Types of Environmentally Friendly Carpet

Our polyester carpet (P.E.T. Polyester) is made from recycled plastic bottles! This type of carpet is also more stain resistant than other carpets. It is also resistant to mold and mildew. This carpet is very versatile and non-allergenic. It’s perfect for any home, likewise we’ll rip out your previous carpet waste and haul it out free of charge.

In conclusion, The Carpet Guys offer a great polyester carpet that has both exceptional softness and color clarity.   

Furthermore to get rid of your carpet waste and call The Carpet Guy’s today to get a free in home estimate and help our planet at the same time! We provide American Made products at a fraction of the cost to our competitors. You can ensure that you’re in good hands at The Carpet Guys. We offer Four Year Interest Free Financing † as well as many other incentives through out the month. This helps you create the room you’ve always imagined without hurting your bank account.

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