The Benefits PET Polyester Carpet

If you are looking for carpet that can work well against the many beatings of life, then polyester carpet is the style of carpet for you. There are many homeowners that stay away from carpeting due the fact that they have small children and animals. It is a very common fact that animals and pets wear out carpeting quicker than usual. That is why PET polyester carpet is an amazing choice for homeowners with these needs. Polyester carpet has not only been known as the best carpet for pets, but also as the best carpet for kids. There are many reasons why this is true, and those specific reasons are as follows:

  • When it comes to different types of color, polyester carpet has some of the most beautiful choices available. This allows the carpeting you have installed in your home match any kind of decorations.
  • Polyester carpet is stain resistant and fade resistant. Worries about carpeting losing color is a thing of the past.
  • PET polyester carpet is very durable, allowing it to effectively resist wear and lower any chances of it losing life quicker.
  • This style of carpeting is completely Eco-friendly. It is recyclable and also helps reduce build up of allergens in a home, making it great for those people with sensitivities or breathing problems.
  • Due to many advancements in yarn processing and the make up of PET polyester carpet, this material's lifespan has been increased. Combining it with proper carpet cleaning will increase it's life even more.
  • Polyester carpet comes with a relatively inexpensive price, making it more of an affordable and desired choice for many homeowners.

Professional Polyester Carpet Installation

With all of the benefits homeowners can gain from having polyester carpeting in their home, it is extremely important to receive the best carpet installation that you can find. To receive the best carpet installation you can, contact The Carpet Guys. Our professional carpet installers are waiting and ready to serve you.

With The Carpet Guys handling your carpet installation needs, multiple services come along with us. Our carpet installers are the best in the business and will provide you with satisfactory customer service and expert craftsmanship. Each installation we provide for our customers comes with a lifetime installation warranty, further guaranteeing your satisfaction. To top it all of, we will move all of your furniture and rip out all of the old carpeting for you free of charge. We are here to serve you, so it is the least we can do.

To get started on renovating your home with fresh and new carpeting, contact us and fill out a free in-home estimate. We are looking forward to servicing you!

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