Carrots, Radishes, and Carpet Dye

Posted on: May 6th, 2019 by The Carpet Guys
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What the heck do carrots and radishes have to do with carpet dye? Understandably, this may be unclear.

If you’ve ever looked at the information on the back of the carpet samples, some of them have a diagram that shows a radish and a carrot.

This diagram refers to the carpet color dyeing process. The Carpet Guys want to educate you on this process.

Piece Dyed vs. Solution Dyed Carpet

When you cut open a carrot, the orange color goes all the way through it. If you cut open a radish, the purple-reddish color is only skin deep. The inside of the radish is bright white.

In reality, the same concept can be applied to solution-dyed and piece-dyed carpet.

The Carrot

Solution Dying is the process of adding color to synthetic fibers in their pellet state. First, the dye is added when the pellet has been melted down and is liquid. Then, the liquid is pressed through tiny holes in a machine and drawn out to create the yarn.

When the yarn comes out, the desired carpet colors are applied throughout the newly created fiber.

solution dyed carpet benefits

Because the dye is added early, the solution-dying process creates the most colorfast yarn. The color is locked-in tight and goes all the way through the fiber like a carrot.

In addition, it helps the environment by saving on water usage and energy usage. And the chemicals used are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The Radish

Piece dying is done after the carpet is made. Specifically, this style creates bright tones and a larger variety of colors. The dye only penetrates the outer surface of the fibers. For that reason, the rest of the flooring material doesn’t absorb the color.

Unfortunately, the piece-dying method is laborious and requires more chemicals and additives. Finally, it’s not as environmentally friendly as solution-dyed fibers and stains are more likely to settle in the carpet.

piece dyed carpet benefits

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