Differences between a Warranty from the Manufacturer / Installer

Posted on: September 18th, 2017 by The Carpet Guys

warranties on carpet and flooring

Knowing about the warranties on carpet products is an important factor to know about when you’re renovating your floors.

The warranty a carpet manufacturer offers and the warranty that the installers offer are different.

Here’s how.

The Nature of the Carpet Warranty

Carpet and flooring manufacturer warranties cover certain factors that carpet installer warranties don’t. With a manufacturer warranty, you’ll likely see the following aspects covered:

  • Product construction
  • Shipping damage
  • Pet resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Water resistance

A carpet installation warranty will most likely only cover the installation of new carpet in the home.

With consideration that any particular household yearns for as individual designs, carpets will remain to be an essential addition to any design framework. This need has led to the cropping up of many carpet companies and attempts to entice consumers up with appealing carpet warranty concepts.

The consumer often ends up signing into warrants that if closely considered, offer very little. Thus it is essential to understand the warranty packages in the offer to be able to pick on the most suitable.

Among all the carpet warranties the most common are the wear warranty. However, the dictionary definition of the term tear which most consumers are familiar may end up being a different form than what the actual carpet manufacturers insinuated.

carpet warranty coverage

This kind of warranty was established back when the nylon group was making a move to replace wool as the considerate type of carpet fiber in the industry.

Nylon fiber being resistant to the abrasion wear the nylon companies started offering a five-year warrant for their consumers to market the fact of their carpets not wearing out on the foot traffic.

Most of the consumers currently confuse this meaning and think of wear warrant as one to maintain the appearance levels and end up mostly being disappointed.

A lot of the carpet complaints can be directly related to the wrongful interpretation of the warrants. Unfortunately, most of the warrants that end up misinterpreted are linked to the wear and strains. This is because most of this wear and strain warranty are tricky.

Looking over a Carpet Installation Warranty

The best way to approach any purchase of carpet under warranty is to request the sales personnel to paraphrase the warranty and put the description in writing.

If it happens that the retailer gives the installation warranty, as a consumer it, is advisable that you ask that it should be written in the sales contract.

This is because most of the complaint is usually directed to the improper carpet installation.

flooring and carpet insurance

Many consumers think of change in appearance as packaged under the wear warranty. However, most of the wear warrants only cover the loss of pile fiber and not as perceived by many the change in the appearance of the carpet. Stain warrants mostly include the typical food and beverages.

However, most of the carpet manufacturers require one to contact a cleaning company first and only intervene on the irremovable stains. Just to be on the safer side from the murky warrants as a consumer you are advised to request a written description of the carpet warrant in the offer.

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