Step 6 What to Expect from The Carpet Guys

Posted on: February 6th, 2020 by The Carpet Guys

Moving Your Furniture

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This is Step 6 – Moving Your Furniture in our series of 10 Easy Steps to New Flooring blogs.  We are breaking down the details of each step so you can know what the process is for flooring installation.  All home improvements have their challenges.  The Carpet Guys aim to alleviate those challenges and make your flooring installation as seamless as possible.

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Our Installers Move Furniture

Once your installers have arrived, they will gauge the furniture situation.  They will figure out where is the best place to move the furniture to and come with a crew of helpers to get the job done. Don’t be alarmed if only one installer arrives.  The Design Consultant (see Step One in our blog series) will put in the notes of your installation what it entails.  Because our installers are professionals, they know what they need to get that job done!

Make sure you have moved all your valuables or art on the walls.  Like any major home improvement, this is a large undertaking.  Hammers and equipment will be used to protecting your special items should be a top priority.  Here is a quick chart to help you make the process smoother before they arrive:

infographic describing how to prep your home before a flooring installation

Carpet Installers Move It ALL Out of the Room

The reason The Carpet Guys installers move ALL your furniture out of the room is so they can power stretch the carpet.  Power stretching alleviates the possibility of the carpet wrinkling right away.  This is how we can offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty.  We know the carpet will last longer if its power stretched rather than knee kicked. See our other steps in this blog series to find out what power stretching is and the importance of it.

There are some items that The Carpet Guys WON’T move.  We will not move aquariums, waterbeds, or large, heavy safes.  All other items are a possibility.  We would need to send someone to your home to determine what will be needed for the installation.

So, if you have a piano or a pool table and want new flooring, The Carpet Guys can help!  If you have something questionable, let us send a Design Consultant to your home and they will assess your needs.  Call us at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or fill out our Free In-Home Estimate form.

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