How to Handle Water Damaged Carpet

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by The Carpet Guys

how to get water out of carpet

Living in Michigan, water damaged carpets are something we run into a lot.

From flooding to leaks in the roof, when water hits your carpet, there is definitely some damage done.

Thankfully, there are ways to handle it.

Can Carpet be Saved after Water Damage?

water damaged carpet insurance claimYes, it can, but the process of saving it is much more expensive and annoying than simply replacing the old carpet after water damage occurs.

If you’re devoted to saving your current carpeting, you must begin to clean the water-soaked carpet immediately. Just keep in mind that cleaning water damaged carpet isn’t simple.

When the carpet in your home is damaged by moisture from a plumbing leak or natural flood, you need to clean it right away. As soon as moisture touches the fibers in a carpet, the water begins to soak into the fibers, creating problems with contamination. Most carpeting in a building is already contaminated with mold spores, and the mold will begin to grow immediately, creating a foul mildew odor.

Then you’ll need to find an extraction machine to remove the moisture.

In order to remove any type of moisture from a carpet, you must have an extraction machine to suction the water from the fibers. In addition, you should remove the carpet tacks to lift it from the floor in order to dry the tiles underneath. After drying the underlying tiles, you must also dry the carpet’s backing.

Now it’s time to shampoo or steam the carpet to remove contamination.

If the moisture that entered a room is dirty, then you should shampoo the carpet to remove contamination such as sewage and bacteria. If the carpet has been damp for a few days, then it has also attracted vermin such as beetles and cockroaches. When you have a thicker variety of carpeting, cleaning it with steam is a better plan to avoid making the fibers wet again.

Take the carpet to a warehouse for cleaning and drying.

When a building is flooded with water, experts recommend removing the entire section of carpet to take it to a warehouse to dry it in a specialized machine. This process will cost a lot of money, and it will require removing everything from a room in order to reach the carpet. After the technicians take the wet carpet to a warehouse to dry it, you can’t put anything back into the room until it is reinstalled.

In reality, you’d be better of finding affordable carpet prices rather than blowing your bank account on repairing the water-logged carpet. There isn’t even a guarantee that it will be saved.

how to clean carpet after water damage

Restoring a Water-soaked Carpet is a Strenuous Process

The process of removing a carpet for drying is a strenuous job, and you may not have the strength to complete the process. Alternatively, you must rent an extraction machine and carpet shampooer, requiring you to spend a lot of money.

trying to find a professional carpet cleaner to handle the job can be a trial of its own as well and may not even work. While removing a small amount of moisture from a carpet is an easy process, if a carpet is saturated with water, then it is almost impossible to restore it to its previous condition.

Get New Carpet Installed from The Carpet Guys!

Having the watered-down carpet replaced is the best option. Rather than going through the time-consuming process of cleaning a water-damaged carpet in your home, give us a call to get a free carpet replacement estimate set up.

Not only will we get you new carpet at a low and affordable price, but we’ll also get rid of the old water-damaged carpet for you for free.

Don’t go through the stressful process of trying to save water damaged carpet. Make it much easier on yourself and call The Carpet Guys today.

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