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How to calculate the cost per square foot for flooring

As cost conscious consumers, many of us try our best to find the best deal on flooring by comparing the best carpet prices from different websites or visiting a flooring store in person. Of the many things to keep in mind while trying to find the best price per square foot for flooring is waste factor. Size and prices are variable due to changing waste factors and the only way to get an accurate price per square foot is to include these variables.

A basic rule of thumb when calculating flooring waste is

  • 10% for hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, or laminate flooring
    In some cases, such as diagonal installs, the waste factor may be as much as 15%
  • 25% for sheet vinyl flooring
    Fluctuations are based on size, seam layout, and pattern repeat. It is not uncommon for a vinyl waste factor to be as much as 35-40% in some cases especially in kitchens and rooms larger than 12 feet in width.
  • 13%-20% for carpeting
    In some situations where you may have a small room or a large repeated pattern, the waste factor can be much larger. Also do not forget about the carpet padding and tack strips.

Square Feet Calculator

You don't have to know the mathematical formula to calculate square feet with our online sq. ft. calculator. Enter the length and width of your room(s), name your calculation (optional), then press calculate. That's all there is to it.

Room #1


Carpet prices per square foot

Most carpet comes in a standard width of 12 feet. With this being the case, if you have a room that measures only 8 feet wide by 8 feet long, the raw square footage is 64 however you would actually need a piece 12 foot wide by 8 feet long thus being 96 square feet, reflecting a waste factor of 50%. We figure an average waste of 20% for simple estimate calculations however, an EXACT figure can be determined by your design consultant at the time of the in home measure. Your total price per square foot will include all carpet padding prices, installation, waste associated with the job and all materials.


Average price per square foot

To get the average price per square foot for flooring, our square foot calculator can put you on the right track. You will need to know the width and length of each room you would like to know the total square feet for, all you need is a normal household measuring tape. After calculating the sq. ft of each room, multiply the width by the length then add 20% to get a good estimate for the average price per square foot for you area.

Square Foot Calculator
Select the number of rooms.

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