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When it comes to hardwood floor stains, there are limitless possibilities. As much of a blessing this is, it can also bring along a little confusion and indecisiveness. To make this as easy on you as possible, we are here to lend a hand.

As you search through the different hardwood stain colors available, it is highly recommended that you speak with a pro. While it may seem simple to tackle this on your own, getting help from a professional makes it much easier on you. Here are a couple tips from us:

  • Think Outside of the Box - When choosing which stain is right for hardwood installed in your home, think outside of the box. Just because cherry wood is trending does not mean that it will suit your home or hardwood floors. Choose an option that not only expresses your design creativity and style, but something you will be happy with.
  • Do not be pressured - Do not let sellers usher you into buying something because it is a popular for other homes. It doesnt matter what it looks like in other homes, only what it looks like in your home.
  • Safety First - Harmful and even toxic chemicals can be found in some wood stains that could affect your health greatly. It is important to consult a trustworthy professional flooring dealer before making a final decision to ensure your health and safety.
  • Know Your Stuff - One of the most important aspects of choosing a hardwood stain is knowing how it works with your style of hardwood. Some finishes are more durable than others, and certain stains may take to your wood easier than others. Do a little research to avoid falling for the hardwood myths out there. The pricing of stain varies so feel free to contact your local flooring professional for quotes and estimates.
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    Light or Dark: That is the Question

    This is ultimately the first and most difficult decision you will face when looking to stain your hardwood floors. Both shades have their pros and cons, but we are here to help clear up some of the confusion for you. Here is what to expect from both shades:

    • Light Stains - Light stains make rooms appear more spacious and bright. While they add a clean feeling to the space, knots and cracks will be easily visible.
    • Dark Stains - Dark stains hide knots and abrasions very well and add a very warm and cozy feeling to the room.
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    If you have scheduled a free hardwood flooring estimate with us to get new floors installed, simply ask your design consultant for help. They can provide you with complimentary advice on which hardwood stain color will work best in your home.

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