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If you are looking for the best Taylor carpet installation available, you have come to the right place. The Carpet Guys are here to handle any kind of Taylor carpet installation need. With the services that we have to offer our customers, buying new carpet is now stress free and easier than ever.

We understand that finding a professional Taylor carpet installer can be a difficult process. We want to make it easy on our customers, so we provide a variety of services to help walk them through it. The process of buying new carpet does not need to be a difficult one. It should be a fun and exciting experience for customers to enjoy. Our helpful services we provide are as follows:

  • To avoid interfering with your busy schedule, we offer free in-home estimates and appointments seven days a week. They are even available in the evening.
  • For our in-stock products, there is the availability of next day installation. Feel free to ask about it to see if it applies.
  • New flooring can be expensive, so we provide the best carpet deals and unbeatable carpet prices to all of our customers.
  • To help customers decorate their homes to match their new flooring, we provide complimentary decorating advice if it is desired. We can also give proper carpet care tips to you.
  • Our carpet installers are backed by thirty years of experience, and it can be seen through their superior craftsmanship.
  • For all installations, a lifetime installation warranty is given to ensure the quality of the job and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Taylor Carpet Installation

To provide the best Taylor carpet installation you can receive, our crews follow a strict step by step process. This procedure is put in place to get every job done correctly and professionally. The steps of our installation process is as follows:

  • Before any carpeting is laid out, our crews will clear the selected room of furniture and any other obstruction for you upon your request. We are here to serve you, so it is the least we can do.
  • After each room has been cleared of furniture, the old flooring can then be ripped up. It is cut into squares, rolled up and bundled, and placed outside to await garbage pick up.
  • Quality padding is then rolled out and the new carpeting is laid on top and installed.
  • After the carpeting has been placed, the remnants are removed and upon customer request, the furniture can be returned to the original placements.

Take the time to fill out a free estimate to get started on renovating your home with The Carpet Guys. The benefits of professional Taylor carpet installation is only a click away.

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