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Who Offers the Best Prices on Carpet?

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by Derek Farnquist

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When homeowners begin to think about new carpet, the first thing they look for is always the same.

Who has the best prices on carpet?

Who wouldn’t look at the price first, right? You don’t want to break your bank solely for carpet.

Who’s got the Best Carpet Price?

The best carpet price is typically found with independent flooring businesses. When doing research, you will often come across articles or conversation threads that suggest never using big box stores.

Reason being, stores like Home Depot or Lowes often have set prices; what you see is what you pay. It doesn’t give a homeowner much advantage, and hence, you’re not really catching a deal.

Getting carpet with The Carpet Guys has its advantages. Our carpet buying power exceeds that of many flooring companies. We have the ability to work with your budget and give you what you want.

See for yourself with questions we’re asked on a daily basis.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

  • Q: Do you have cheap carpet I can get installed?

      A: All of our products are of great quality, all coming with affordable carpet prices. We have different types for every budget and lifestyle.

  1.      Q: How long does it take to have carpet installed?

       A: Typically, all carpet installations are done within 24-72 hour period. This also depends on the carpet you choose to have installed.

  1.      Q: Do you offer financing?

         A: We sure do! Our carpet financing plan is one of the best available. It allows many homeowners to branch out of their “budget comfort zone” because they have some extra leeway. This plan has made many homeowners happy and proud of their new investment.   

  1.       Q: Do you have good deals on pet-friendly carpeting?

         A: Yes! We have many different pet-friendly carpet styles from esteemed manufacturers. The majority of them are spill proof and specifically pet and kid friendly. These select carpets are stain and soil resistant and fall within many budgets.

  1.       Q: Do I have to pay extra for carpet warranty?

         A: Every manufacturer we carry provides a warranty. Each warranty is different since it all depends on the carpet type. We also offer our own lifetime installation warranty with every installation we do. 

  1.       Q: How can The Carpet Guys give me a better deal than most other flooring places?

        A: The Carpet Guys has built a trusting and respected relationship with many top flooring manufacturers. This means we can fully stock our warehouse with the latest trends and colors in carpeting. That’s how we can give you a deal you wouldn’t want to pass up!

  1. Q: Can I get a carpet estimate today?

        A: Absolutely! Our carpet and flooring estimates are free and done in-home. Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will assist you in setting one up.   

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The Carpet Guys are Ready to Serve You!

Every one of us works hard for everything we have. It is nice to know there are companies that recognize hardworking individuals. The Carpet Guys want to give you flooring at the best price possible!

Our prices are fair and competitive. Above all, we love and appreciate all our customers! We want to take care of you! Call us today!


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