How to Make a Room look Bigger with Laminate Flooring

Posted on: November 13th, 2017 by The Carpet Guys

wide plank flooring in small room

Installing laminate flooring is a wonderful decision that comes with many benefits both aesthetically and functionally.

For the avid wood flooring lover, a new laminate floor will provide the look you want at a fraction of the cost.

Lately, some of our customers have been asking for tips on how to make a room look bigger with flooring, and we believe laminate flooring can do the trick well.

Just to be safe, however, we asked Marnie Weidman, our friend from Mrs. Dub Designs, for her expertise and opinion on the subject.

Check out the interview below.

Interview: Marnie Weidman on Laminate Floors and Room Size

best wood floor color for small spaceThe Carpet Guys – So Marnie, what are your thoughts on laminate flooring in general?

Marnie Weidman – “Laminate has come so far it’s also a great option for many people. In my experience, the vast majority of consumers don’t understand the difference between hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate products. Largely, they associate engineered wood and laminate as one.”

The Carpet Guys – Will wide plank flooring in a small room make it look larger? What plank size is ordeal?

Marnie Weidman – “I like to use wider planks for a more casual, richer look. Sometimes I blend a plank sizes to provide interest and use products with hand scraped or rustic attributes.”

The Carpet Guys – What colors of laminate flooring will help enlarge the room’s aesthetics?

Marnie Weidman –  “I’ve been using a lot of medium to light browns and greys lately. People love the dark wood colors, but they don’t love the lint and dust that color tends to show. If you stick with a medium to light tone, your room will feel more open.”

The Carpet Guys – Should you contrast the plank color with your walls or compliment them?

Marnie Weidman – “It depends entirely on the overall look you want in your space. I tend to use a contrasting color on the walls like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey paired with a wood plank, engineered wood or laminate flooring. Keeping to a medium to light tone in the flooring product and then laying some subtle pattern rugs brings warmth and comfort to the room.”

The Carpet Guys – Do certain laminate products work better at making a room look larger than others?

Marnie Weidman – “Generally speaking, if you want to make a room look larger, select from lighter color products with wider plank options. If your product has natural “defects”, it makes the room feel more relaxed rather than a clean, knot free product.”

The Carpet Guys – Do you recommend a specific manufacturer of laminate flooring products?

Marnie Weidman – I like Shaw products as they have a nice offering and a good website to work with, but there are many manufacturers out there making great laminate products.

do dark floors make a room look smaller or bigger

Laminate flooring will be a great addition to any room, no matter what size it would be. All that matters now is where you’re going to get the laminate floors.

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