How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Dogs

Posted on: August 31st, 2017 by The Carpet Guys

dog resistant hardwood floors

Do you love the look of hardwood floors but also worry about your dogs leaving them looking less than desirable?

Having a pet doesn’t have to mean you can’t have hardwood flooring in your home. Just make sure to properly safeguard your floors against possible pet damage.

Not sure how to do it? We’ll tell you.

How to Prevent Dog Scratches on Hardwood Floors

If you know anything about natural hardwood flooring, you know there’s really no such thing as pet-friendly hardwood flooring. You also know that it scratches quite easily.

The most common issue dog owners with hardwood flooring experience are scratches, and the culprit is their nails. The best way to fix this issue is to simply cover their claws.

A dog’s nails can be difficult to maintain. Plus, even clipping them often can still leave opportunities for them to leaves scratch on your hardwood floors.

Nail caps can be placed on your pet’s claws to pad them and keep them from scratching the hard surface floors in your home. Caps are available in a variety of sizes, and applied with an adhesive, to secure them to your pet’s claws and ensure they stay intact.

If your dog has a tendency to chew on their nails, the caps are made non-toxic so they are safe to ingest in case they are accidentally swallowed.

soft paws and soft claws

Keep your Hardwood Floors Clear of Dirt and Debris

Chances are, your dogs have a normal route throughout your home. Maybe they always run to the front door to greet you or the back door to play outside.

Do they like running down the hall? Generally, a calm dog won’t bother hardwood floors. It’s the damage they can make when running or jumping that can be the problem.

Turn your hardwood into pet-safe flooring by placing a runner down the hall. Add small mats by your doors to help give them some traction. They will appreciate that too when they avoid crashing into the door after they barrel through the house to get outside.

Plus, rugs help clean muddy and wet paws after playing outside. Keep out pebbles and debris they may drag in and make sure your rugs have a non-skid mat underneath to avoid them causing even more issues.

Watch for Accidents

Is your furry friend not quite potty trained? Accidents in the house can be a major source of damage to hardwood floors. Some people believe a floor wax can help protect against pet problems. Keep in mind, wax can create a build-up on your floors and end up leaving them looking dull and dingy.

No matter how you protect your floors, make sure you clean up all accidents immediately. Any type of moisture left untreated in hardwood can be damaging. Be sure that your pet’s water dish has a mat under it as well to help in that area.

Don’t let your furry friends deter you from having the beautiful hardwood floors you’ve dreamed of. Give The Carpet Guys a call and take a look at all the types of hardwood flooring we have to offer.

how to protect hardwood floors from dog urine

With the tips we’ve given you, protecting your hardwood floors can be possible. We’ll also give you hand with any other question or concerns you have during a free in-home flooring estimate.

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