Carpet Scams

If you have decided to buy new carpet, make sure you are aware of the carpet scams that some companies may try to pull on you. It is sad to say, but there are many carpet companies out there that use scamming techniques to make a quick buck. So you do not fall victim to these untrustworthy flooring stores, we want to help you out.

The process of getting new carpet installed can be a fun and exciting experience, unless the company you are working with pulls out carpet scams. It is very important to know the signs of a scam and know how to avoid them. Here are some of the carpet scams you may encounter:

  • The Switcheroo ??" Imagine that you have just found the perfect carpet for an amazingly cheap carpet price and the carpet deals are almost too good to be true. But when the installer arrives with your flooring, it is not what you wanted. They scammed you into paying for a high grade carpeting and switched for a lower grade.
  • Bait And Switch ??" This one is the most common carpet scams and gets quite a few people to this day. The company will heavily advertise a certain carpeting at a great price to get you in the store. Once you are there and ask to see that specific carpet, they show you a horrible quality material and then switch your attention to a higher quality product with a higher cost.
  • Guaranteed Low Price ??" Simply put, they will guarantee you that you will find the best carpet prices on a certain flooring from there store only, and you will not find it anywhere else. What you do not know is that their products are privately labeled, making comparison impossible.
  • Fiber Ripoff ??" Let’s say you have just bought new carpeting and the company tells you that it is stain resistant and made out of PET Polyester fiber. One you have it installed however, you find it stains really easily and is an oily Nylon fiber. They just ripped you off with the fiber material.

Get Service From An Honest Flooring Company

Being in the flooring business for as long as we have, we know what it takes to honesty serve our customers. We have seen people fall victim to carpet scams too many times, and that is not how we work. To get the best flooring installation services and answers to all your flooring questions, contact us today. We are ready to give you the best carpet installation available.

Take a few minutes to fill out a free in-home estimate so we can get started on installing your new flooring today. You no longer have to worry about being scammed or tricked anymore. We are here to serve you. Call today!

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