The History of Hardwood Flooring

The luxurious hardwood flooring, known as the cream of the crop floor covering, has been growing in popularity all across the nation. Hardwood has been boosting the aesthetics of every home it is put in. For those trying to sell a house, the value of the home is dramatically increased with hardwood floors installed. For those moving in, hardwood can make their home the most envied on the block.

In the early 1800’s, wood flooring was considered fine ornamentation for a home, and only the people of the highest wealth were able to have it placed in their residence. Even the Palace of Versailles in France chose hardwood flooring installation over the other materials. It was extremely expensive due to the amount of time it took to handcraft the boards. The types of planks used in earlier times were much wider and thicker than the ones used today. Since technology has advanced dramatically throughout the years, they have been made much thinner while keeping the same durability.

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As cities enlarged and the population began to grow, the need for more homes heightened. For those homes, the demand for hardwood flooring was high. Oak flooring was commonly used in small homes and bungalows. Once the Great Depression hit in 1930, the hardwood flooring industry unfortunately crashed, as there was no funds to pay for the product.

During World War Two, the development of war time factories brought the popularity of hardwood flooring back up, and sales erupted. Wood floors were being sold at such a rapid rate, hardwood installers could barely keep up. The request for hardwood flooring installation peaked in 1950 with the amount of homes being built, and it has been steady ever since.

Install Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Due to the incredible advancements made in the flooring industry, hardwood floors can now be made out of the most exotic woods from around the globe including:

  • Hickory
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Black Walnut
  • Soft Maple
  • Elm
  • Aspen
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The Carpet Guys are happy to say that the most sought-after styles of hardwood have made it onto our shelves. We stock our warehouse with the most beautiful and natural hardwood planks on the market, and we guarantee you will love what you see.

If Hardwood flooring is the material you desire to have placed in your home, get it installed today from The Carpet Guys. With the amount of experience we have in the flooring industry, your new floors will perform at peak level with the installation we provide. Take advantage of our inexpensive flooring prices today!

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