Step 5 of What to Expect from The Carpet Guys

Posted on: January 30th, 2020 by The Carpet Guys

Installation Preparation

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This is Step 5 in the series of What To Expect From The Carpet Guys flooring installation process.  This step will explain what happens when your installer arrives at your home to prepare for the installation. We will guide you through the procedure. Then, when you’re renovating, you’re prepared.  The Carpet Guys want to alleviate any anxiety or frustration you may have during this process.

Hard Surface Preparation

If hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring are being installed in your home, the product has already been delivered to your home, by our warehouse crew, so it can acclimate.  Acclimation is the process that any hard surface material goes through to adjust to the temperature and moisture of your home before installation preparation.  You’ll want to maintain your home between 65-80 degrees and a moisture content of 35-55 percent humidity.

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When the installer arrives, they will also bring with them any tools and transition pieces that were not special ordered, but necessary to complete the job.  They will need access to electricity for a small table saw and an area to cut boards during their installation preparation.  They can cut in the driveway in nice weather.  A garage may be used when there’s inclement weather.  If they’re inside the installer will lay tarps down to protect your belongings from dust.

The installer will also want to see the room and get the big picture of your installation like:

  1. If removing old flooring or if the new flooring can be float on top
  2. If the subfloor is ready to receive the new flooring
  3. What direction the flooring will be installed
  4. If the flooring will go under or up to built-in cabinetry
  5. What furniture or appliances need moving if any
  6. How far the room is from where they will be cutting
  7. Double-checking the other types of flooring that border it for transitions
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Sheet Vinyl or Carpet Preparation

If a roll product is being installed, like sheet vinyl or carpet, there are other necessary tools the installer will bring.  They will need access to a standard outlet to plug in their seam iron.  They will also use transitions between different types of flooring if your carpet will border a hard surface material like laminate or tile.  You want to keep your home around 65-80 degrees because if it’s too cold, the vinyl or carpet will be too stiff to lay or cut properly.  The soft surface installer will want to see the space being installed when they arrive to determine:

  1. What furniture needs to be moved
  2. Where is the best seam location, if necessary
  3. What flooring needs removal, if any
  4. If the subfloor is prepared for installation (glue down or tack strip)
  5. Double-checking bordering types of flooring for transition pieces
  6. If there are closets that need separate pieces

The Carpet Guys installers are professional and knowledgeable.  They will come prepared to make your installation as easy as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns before your day of installation, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We can answer all your questions and ease your mind.  Be Wise, Call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897).  Interested in new flooring install, fill out our Free In-Home Estimate form and one of our friendly service staff will reach out to you.  For more information on our previous steps, check out these blogs:

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