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Posted on: February 20th, 2020 by The Carpet Guys

The Installation

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This is Step 8 – The Installation, in our blog series of 10 Easy Steps to New Flooring.  Be sure to check out the other detailed steps in this series (below).  We want to guide you through the process!  With The Carpet Guys, there’s no reason to hesitate with a new flooring purchase.  It’s easy and affordable.  Here’s how we make the installation better…

The People Who Install Our Flooring

When Joe Zago started The Carpet Guys 10 years ago, one of his very first installers was Brett L.  Brett’s crew, which included his son, was well-liked!  They were friendly, prompt, professional, knowledgeable (I know this because I asked a lot of questions) and made tear out and install look so easy.  Fast forward to today, Brett is still working for The Carpet Guys and his son has his own installation crew.  A company doesn’t retain that type of loyalty if it isn’t a good company to work with.  We hire the best crews in the business and make sure they want to stay.  That’s one reason we can give a Lifetime Installation Warranty.

Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl or Laminate Installation

Once the floor is prepped, the installer decides if it is a floating, nailed or glue-down installation. Some floating installations require an “underlayment”.  Underlayment acts as a “padding” to the hard surface material.  It provides a moisture barrier, it reduces noise and helps even out slight subfloor imperfections. Some products have their own underlayment built into the product.  A floating installation is where the flooring product is not glued or nailed down.

No underlayment is used in the nailed or glued install methods.

Remember, flooring installation is a major home renovation.  Typical and power tools are used.  This includes a small table saw for trimming boards and possibly a nail gun with a small compressor.  This is not a place for small children or pets.  For their safety, keep them away from the area being installed.

Don’t be surprised when the installer does not line your hard surface flooring flush with the wall.  All flooring expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes.  There will be an expansion gap along all solid obstructions (like walls or cabinets) to allow for this expansion.  Your moldings or quarter round will hide this gap (see transitions).

Sheet Vinyl or Carpet Installation

For carpet, the installer will check to make sure your previous tack strip is in good condition, or they will lay down new tack strips.  A reminder that tack strip is a narrow piece of wood with tacks pointing upwards.  Again, this is not a place for bare feet, small children or pets.  Please keep them away from the installation area for safety!

Next, they will bring in your product.  It comes in large rolls that may span your entire room.  This is one reason that we recommend “Flooring Before Painting”.  The backing on a roll product is very stiff.  In order to minimize seams and make stretching the flooring better, they use the largest piece they can for your space.  Rolls are approximately 12 feet wide, so they can install them in a space that is 11’7” or less (they need extra flooring for stretching).  If a seam is necessary, the installer will place it in a very low traffic area or under your furniture.  They use a seam-iron to glue the seam together with special glue tape.

"A carpet installer is using a seam iron to join two sections of berber carpet in a bedroom at a house construction site. The left hand is holding a knee kicker carpet stretcher, and the right is operating a seam roller to hide the joint. The blue tool is a seam vacuum which extracts heat and pulls the seam tape up to the carpet. This image represents every component of the carpet seaming process."

Why is Power Stretching So Important?

When it’s time to stretch, we are one of the only companies that use power stretching.  A power stretcher doesn’t use electricity.  It uses leverage to stretch the carpet and alleviate the chance of wrinkles.  Carpet will expand and stretch with traffic and usage.  This causes wrinkles.  When stretched properly carpet wrinkles are less likely to develop down the road.  Another reason we can provide a Lifetime Installation Warranty.  Then they will trim any excess flooring and tuck it under the drywall.

It’s a very similar installation for sheet vinyl, though they do not need to stretch it.  Also, glue is used instead of the tack strip.  First, glue is applied to the floor. Then, the sheet vinyl is placed.

Transition Pieces for Flooring Installation

Finally, the installer places your moldings and transition pieces, as needed.  The transitions used depend on what type of flooring you have.  If you want more information on these transitions, check out our buying guides, like our Laminate Buying Guide.

flooring transition pieces frequently used by the carpet guys

This is the installation process.  Hopefully, by breaking it down, our customers will feel confident in what’s going to happen with their flooring installation.  If you are not currently our customer and you are now feeling like you want to be, Be Wise, Call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or fill out our Free In-Home Estimate form.  We are happy to help with any of these steps that you are ready to take!

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